EFMS – History of Bioshock / System Shock

Danny explores the bloodline of one of the most influential series of games in first person roleplaying.

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  1. I will be the first to justify 2's existence, and it was was not made purely for commercial reasons. They considered having it take place someplace else, and it involved almost all of the same people (except ken levine).

  2. They should do an update for this vid cause…

    SYSTEM SHOCK 3 confirmed!!!! No joke look it up! Also System Shock 1 is being remastered in the Unreal engine!

  3. Find it funny how people hate Infinite and 2 and doesn't accept them as lore to the series but prays to the 1st game as their god. All 3 games has amazing lore that fits perfectly. Get over it

  4. System Shock is one of the Shock games I played first. And it's one of the games I went back to playing. Still one of my favorite games.

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