Divekick – PAX East Developer Demo

Adam Heart shows us how to both dive and kick with this two button fighting game.

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  1. SO MUCH FUN WITH 2 BUTTONS, ITS JUST GOIN NUTS, DIVE KICKS, THE BAZ, WOLVERmmmmfmfmfmfm REDACTED, INSANITY, ITS DELICIOUS and that is how hype i was when it was finally greenlit on steam

  2. Wow. It's a bear. Did you even listen? (Actually it's a Wolverine. The joke being that she's like Wolverine from Marvel but the name was changed to Redacted as a joke on Companies not liking characters being parodied)

  3. The people that are hating this game for no (apparent) reason are probably just mad because they can't get this on their Xbox.  😛

    Anyways, can you imagine if one of these characters were available for PS All-Stars?  That would be AWESOME.

  4. Whoever made this….I cant even call it a game when all you do is jump and kick till you hit someone once and they die. Anyways whoever made this should be shot !!!

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