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Building Garrett's Bow From Thief

Watch how a small forge in Montreal built Garrett’s bow from the reboot of Thief and how it influenced the final design of the weapon.

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  1. Well it works and from what I can see the forge guys had to research how bows works as well. I see a few ways on how it could be made better locking arm to strengthen the pull and have a different style of string arrow notch and also wear an archers guard. I would actually love a chance to shoot it myself see how it actually works. Also most collapsiable bows have removing arms instead of folding so it would not be wrong to say these guys created something new.

  2. Minimalism. Come one, we don't need a new, shiny bow. Garrett isn't a fighter anyway. The bow is for moss arrows and rope arrows and such. The bow he used was simple and useful, and that's all it needed to be.

  3. Well I think it's cool. You know, there's no actual reason why they have to make a working bow. They have no hunting to do, nobody to kill. They just want something awesome to show to people.

  4. if you want a bow like garretts one get a compound bow, i have one, their expensive but they are freaking awesome but you need a licence to oprate one, in the uk anyway but im not sure about any the states.

  5. Not to burst your bubble or anything, but they wanted a bow that looked cool. It doesn't matter how well it functions in real life. As long as it functions well in the game, that's all that matters.

    Besides, some slight modification would do this wonders. If instead of steel, certain parts were made of something else, and if the bowstring were actually bowstring, and not what looks like a metal cable, it would probably do more.

  6. Regardless if it look's cool, I like things being somewhat 'realistic', which many gamers can agree with I believe. I'm not saying that this bow is going to stop me from buying the game, just that it's a bit of a let down. 😛

  7. When the designers said they had no idea how to make the bow work, they were talking about the mechanical functions. they weren't talking about the actual shooting of the arrow.

  8. But that wasn't the purpose of making the bow. They wanted a bow made as a reference, it wasn't actually supposed to be a functional weapon. I sure these guys could have made one, but again that was not the purpose- plus the first one was probably expensive enough.

  9. Im sure that Garrett would love this heavy and noisy "bow" instead of his old, light and silent one…;)
    But to hell with that, this bow is for Xp'ing with headshots and shooting rope arrows into premade locations only so its ok i guess XD

  10. so disappointed by this. i feel like 90% of thief fans would do a better job, its like they are going out of their way to mess it up.
    Garret is calm, sarcastic, greedy and independant. garret is NOT emo goth batman with robot bow.
    The city is medieval, atmospheric, dark and dangerous, corrupt and shadowy, with intrigue and gold around every corner, with layers of supernatural in its darkest corners. The city is NOT victorian gotham/Beijing under a blue moon!

  11. the problem with collapsible bows seems to be the string, as in ensuring that the string maintains the tension necessary for shooting yet flexible for closing together. is that possible?

  12. Meh I don't care one way or the other. It looks cool yes, am I gonna play Thief? Yes, I'm gonna rent it to see if I want it enough to buy it. Do I know ANYTHING about the original bow or Thief games? No! I'd heard of it but I suck REALLY bad at playing games with a mouse and keyboard so I never bothered to get into it since I never really found one for a console (I think they made one but I never found one), so for me this is a chance to actually play the game. Alot of new people will probably come into the series on this new game. On a side note I prefer non compound bows but this still looks pretty awesome.

  13. great build. if u used a system similar to the one used in most ac hidden blade tutorials u could make it double action, assuming everything else still worked. but still a great build.

  14. Hello everyone does anyone know how the button trigger for the actuators works cause I'm planning on building one of these but with inexpensive materials and I know how the whole thing works except the button trigger for the actuators and if may try to make it shoot since it won't be made of steel. But if someone could help me understand how the button trigger works for the actuator that would be great and the bow looks sick.

  15. A metal bow! What a great idea for a Thief to have… a bow that makes loud creaking noises when you flex it, clangs whenever you touch a wall with it, and stabs you in the back as you try and run and jump with it.

    SQUARE. YOU ARE PIONEERS of logically consistent world building, and our unimaginative minds shiver with delight as you pluck the strings on the harp of innovation. Your motives are pure and untainted by greed.

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