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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Trailer – Game Informer Coverage

A trailer for the exclusive video content that can be found at, it will be updated throughout the the month of February.

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  1. PC means personal computer and techinically that term only applies to Windows computers. It will most likely come out for Mac, the Witcher 2 did, but not until months after

  2. Witcher 1 was so amazing, one of the best RPG i've ever played… the 2nd game was incredible too but i missed the freedom to roam anywhere and also it was kind of easier… i almost never needed to use mutagens before any fight… i'm so looking forward for the 3rd game :F :F :F

  3. I absolutely love the music in The Witcher games. The soundtrack in RPG's is one of the most important things to get right as it's what brings me into the world.

  4. "The only people that should tell us how the game should like like should be consumers" All companies all over the world, listen to this words of wisdom!!!

  5. i remember this back then i couldn't get into Witcher 2 cuz i got bored after the first hour 😂😂 but gave another shot after i seen the dope ass VGX trailer of TW3 im glad i cuz da game got lit after the first 4 hours

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