TERA: Rising – Launch Trailer

The world of Telara will never be the same again as TERA goes free to play in TERA: Rising.

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  1. I had 7 hours of sleep each day i played it…..Jay….Daniel… (ps, this acc was made when i was 12, joined youtube since 2006. Who wasn't immature at that age….Jay….Daniel…..

  2. I am ready to download 100+gb if tera would make a little bit improvments, Like better choise of classes and better character creation…:D i still love Tera and its the best MMORPG ever:D

  3. is this game still a grind fest when i was subbed this game started to suck after lvling 3 characters the story line is the same for all characters thats why i left just wondering if its changed

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