SimCity: Reinventing the City of Your Imagination

Maxis tells the story of the next SimCity’s development – including it origins as a minimalism farming simulator.

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  1. Not going to buy it for these reasons:

    1.Always online DRM makes this useless on long trips.

    2.Not only do you have to always be online, but you have to connect to servers that have available slots.

    3.Saved games are kept on servers of course, so if your internet connection suddenly fluctuates you could be kicked off and lose all your progress.

    4. I heard this game severely limits the size of your personal region.

    I don't see the point in buying this at all.

  2. Been trying to play this game for 2 days now. Keep getting booted out, map won't load. My brother managed to get in our map i've been clicking retry for 2 hours.

  3. I understand what your trying to say but dont take it so easy on them. If you keep doing that their just gonna make shitty games since no ones going to complain. So , if you keep pressure on them they'll keep giving good content.

  4. No not that far into dynamics. I have it tho.
    I meant like you could with simcity 4, only further into developing agriculture.

  5. Most of the cities we saw in that video are much larger than the largest one available in the real game. This to me is the most disappointing aspect of a game I was really psyched for. Although I don't condone the always on DRM, I understand the reasoning, except for the fact that the Sim City games were always a fantastic single player experience, and this one really fails with the multiplayer aspect imo

  6. My cynical answer would be "Dev Only Region" but it could be one of several zoomed in pretty close. Check out some other vids on the game too. Check out the EA SimCity forums to hear all the comments on the city size there. I'm not alone in my views on city size.

  7. I remember playing simcity 1999 or 98 can't remember which one it was but it was pretty good. This video made me download Simcity 4. Can't wait to get back to it

  8. the problem is electronic farce. Also unlike sim city 4 they leave to much space open. the graphics were great but it felt unpolished kind of unrefined. I mean cities xl and 4 felt polished and refiend they try to make the games social which in turn is killing their games versus allowing a single player and multi player experience..

  9. I agree too I mean the modder community is what made sim city 4 so amazing especially the deluxe edition. Modifying everything to your liking was easy in sim city 4 they killed it in this game series i understand the drm in fact microsoft came close to haveing a drm and always online mode. Thank goodness they did not but i think Maxis may be dead.

  10. Perhaps the only reason Maxis still lives is this project, backed by EA .. I rarely play this anymore. Not enough depth to it like SC4, so all of the challenges I set myself, I've already completed.

  11. All of these talented people…forced to separate when the game, the very thing they devoted their heart and soul into, became known as one the worst title in the franchise thanks to eaaaa

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