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Shaun McInnis modifies his weapons for this video review of Dead Space 3.

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  1. Why so much bitching? Yes, it lacked Some scares but overall, still better than DS2. DS2 felt more repetitive then ALL of the DS games. Plus side missions and co-op has been added for more opportunities and pleasures. Also, the weapon crafting is a really good push up. DS2 has the same damn guns and felt boring after awhile.  And…DS3 has more enimies and has you awed at the atmosphere. Suck on that Fanboys. 

  2. It was flawed, yeah, but I still had a shit load of fun with it. I thought the first two were amazing as well – the first one was just a work of art – I bought it when it came out and my jaw dropped!

  3. Honestly this game was a huge let down for me. I waited months for the third installment of my favorite game ever and when it came out I was created with no scares no fun and the most stupid story you can come up with. What the hell were they smoking when they came up with this? I'm thinking that it went down like this: so there they were hyped up on some cocaine, crack and heroine mix and said HEY! Let's make a game where gears of war rapes dead space and then invites twilight to go shit on your doorstep. And that's exactly what it was.

  4. "Playing this game on solo feels like classic Dead Space." What? The game felt like a dumbed down version of call of duty, necromorphs attack, small silent break, ellie explaining her complicated love for you and norton, carver chimes in with a good one liner, then it all goes silent and the arcade style shooting starts again. The game was nothing like dead space, not scary, not engaging, it felt like a Michael Bay film, explosions, love story, shooting, and more explosions.

  5. This iteration of Dead Space is the Resident Evil 5 of Dead Space saga: adds coop, less scary, and hard to understand why it still manage to be fun even with a lower standard quality. Everyone who loved DS1 or 2 should give this a try to form their own judgment, the game is too divisive and I still play it.

  6. yet its less scary but still  when it comes to regenrators necromoph ur gonna jump out of ur seat lol plus this part has alot cutscenes and action than any other

  7. I'm interested to know how these people who say "it wasn't scary/exciting at all" are playing this game. Since the first game I always waited until it was dark outside, drew the curtains shut to be sure and only then it was time to play dead space (on hard difficulty, with headphones on, of course). I have done this with all the 3 games and every single time I get so paranoid (with the 3rd one too) that sometimes I don't even want to walk behind the corner in the game. This happened just last night when I was playing dead space 3 (with those Tau volantis monkeys, they are fucking terrifying) I think this game is best to play at night when you are alone in your apartment.  My favorite is still dead space 1 but I didn't think there was anything wrong with the 3 rd one and I'm also glad they didn't force the multiplayer because that's how you screw up these kinds of games.

  8. I found this game fun, but I feel the amount of enemies was ridiculous. No matter how many I killed the necromorphs would spawn and spawn wasting my ammo and health packs. Also the final boss was kind of easy

  9. I totally disagree in regards to the weapon crafting system since once I found a combination that worked, I never changed it except for more powerful upgrade chips.

    Plasma cutter/flamethrower and seeker rifle/rocket launcher. Didn't need anything else.

    This is still a decent game and had some of my favourite moments from the entire series, particularly when you're flying around the space ship junkyard in zero G but I thought there were far too many necros, the tension was dialed down and I never used Co-op because I don't play online. And necros using guns? Come on. I also didn't care for having to kill human enemies and the fact that none of the suits had power properties was a let down.

    And fuck off with the micro transactions.

    That is all.

  10. I loved the first two Dead Space games but I'm getting the feeling that there is some controversy over the third installment. Is it a good game or should I leave Dead Space 2 as the end of Isaac's adventure?

  11. bad bad story, bad characters (I can't believe what they did to elly), throwing over the most crutial components of the deadspace experience, hours of annoying backtracking, non splitscreen coop, and impossible to do achievements. After several years, I am still madly disappointed of this game as a sequel to the first two gems I fell so in love with.

  12. Finished playing just ten minutes ago….ok now problems, fucking enemy spam, two, fucking miniboss spam, three giant alien/necroalien spam, four FUCKING REGENERATOR SPAM!!!!

  13. I love DS3 and don't care what people say about it
    Amazing graphics and soundtracks, awesome shooting and story 👍
    Complement of Isaac story
    Perfect DLC…

  14. always hated that they made it online like they do with all single player games these days, give me a solid single player game over multiplayer any day of the week 🙁

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