Destiny PS4 Presentation

Bungie shows off Destiny at the PlayStation 4 event.

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  1. 1:37 "We can't wait to see what Playstation fans do, when they set foot our world for the first time".

    *Teabag dead person I just killed* x 10

  2. I don't know why you assume that… Pre-ordered my Xbox One copy… Quit being so negative. These are game consoles. Meant for enjoyment, not to be dumb and derrogatory towards people who prefer a different console regardless of specs. Some people just like different things. Get over it.

  3. It's funny, they were planning on releasing it exclusively on the XBOX ONE until they realised that 'cause it wasn't selling as well, that they'd make a last second decision to switch to the PS4.

  4. I have been under the impression that Destiny was going to be Next-gen only but marketed towards PS4. This is because if you look at the gameplay of the summoning pits strike in this video (the clip) it looked like green moss stuff was growing over the room and it look more diverse and more pretty. So since they realized that they would loose money if the didn't market Destiny to all both new and old gen so they dumbed down the game by a long shot to raise marketing prices. That's why in the future of Destiny 2,3,4,5 and so on, it will be next gen only because the gaming community would most likely have gotten the new gem consoles by then.

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