Designing The Cast Of Bioshock Infinite

Conveying the story of Bioshock Infinite rests on the shoulders of its rich cast of characters. The development team talks about their creative origins.

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  1. I thought it looked really stupid, and I thought it would be a really shitty game. Oh fuck was I wrong.

  2. **SPOILER**
    i was reading about controversy in bioshock infinite on wikipedia and it claimed that the developer was going to resign because of the ending. to anyone that was wondering which scene. my guess is the revelation that the baptism in which the booker that accepts it, becomes the religious zealot comstock.

  3. I think what he means is that the choices offered are really NOT choices. The ending, no matter your efforts, will be the same. There is nothing special awaiting you for giving Elizabeth a necklace or putting a gun to a person's head.

    What makes Bioshock: Infinite so unforgettably fantastic is the sense of futility it invokes in the player and its characters, where no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, it will always end the same.

  4. there are a few choices, but they are far between. some are small and some is life and death.
    (spoiler – kinda):
    why the choices lead to the same outcome get explained by Elisabeth at the end. so no, they give different expirence, but the ending is the same

  5. He is a mechanical bird like creature that was created for the purpose of keeping Elizabeth in her tower and deliver her books, food, etc. and has been her companion for almost her entire life.

  6. There were plenty, they just had little gravity. That is the point however. To show you that in the end, Booker's choices would all lead him to the same place.

  7. pleas help how to skip ads that dont have the button i can click to skip…any kind of response would be appreciated

  8. There are choices, but they don't mean anything. They all have the same outcome. The only choice that really does anything is the necklace, but it only effects how she looks for the rest of the game.
    The only other once is demanding tickets or pulling your gun. I won't go into details, but that effects how you look for the rest of the game.

  9. sometimes I think that Booker and Elizabeth should marry but then SPOILER ALERT:                     

    I remember that Elizabeth is his daughter

  10. I'd like to hear more about that last bit, it's really really interesting. Respect to Ken for sitting down with the artist and actually listening to his issues and learning from them.

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