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The Gun Show gets it’s hands on the crafting system of Dead Space 3 and makes necromorphs scared.

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  1. Safety guard attachment
    Survey charge+ MKV directed suspension field tip
    Survey charge+MKV directed suspension field tip
    Ammo Box Attachment

    3+3 reload/clip circuits

    God Fury

  2. This is a very unique gun I have started to use:

    heavy frame
    Upper tool: timed mines
    Lower tool: electrocution module
    attachments: acid bath and safety guard

    timed explosive mines with an "electric-acid" aura that keeps the enemies stunned until it blows up!

  3. i'm the kind of guy tha love a classic so
    compact frame
    rip core on uper tool
    rip core on second tool with tha upgrade that i forget now its the only upgrade u can do on rip core
    add on uper tool
    clip+reload. Cli´+reload. Clip + Damage . reload+damage
    and the lower tool
    clip+damage clip+damage Clip+ rate of fire Rate of fire + damage

    and mayke the demons cry

  4. image a sniper with the negotiator line gun with full zoom scope electric amp and just full 8 +3 +# whatever. Manly its a badass one shot kill only thing haven't tested it out on yet is the alien necros, cant wait tho

  5. I liked using a MK-II Compact frame with Telemetry Spike and Pneumatic Torch with the only MK-II tip the torch has for the compact frame, putting on a Flame Glaze and another attachment, then boosting the Rivet gun with both reload speed and rate of fire. I call it the Burning Spear.

  6. Designation: SKAF Assault Line Gun Design
    Frame: SKAF frame
    Upper tool: military engine and repeater tip to make a pulse rifle, give it 2 +3 +3 damage/ clip size upgrade circuits and two +3 +3 damage and fire rate circuits
    Lower tool: Tesla core and default tip to make a line gun, give it two +3 +3 Fire Rate/Clip size circuits and two +3 +3 Clip size/ Reload Speed circuits.
    Description: The SKAF Assault Line Gun is a versatile firearm that is capable of being effectively used in almost any situation, perfect for SKAF Deep space combat engineers who must engage targets in a variety of environments such as tight ship corridors, the vacuum of space, or in the large clearings present on alien worlds, the pulse rifle primary is perfect for quickly and accurately dispatching enemy combatants at medium to long ranges, the under-mounted line gun is often questioned by other weapon engineers but it is perfect for tearing apart combatants at close to medium range, and most soldiers who use this weapon are more than impressed by its overall lethality. Soldiers have recommended attaching any attachments the user see fit given the apparent situation.  A homemade variant of this weapon is capable of being built on the battlefield from spare parts (such as a compressor tip instead of a repeater tip), the more common +1 and +2 circuits, and a standard heavy frame to create a slightly less effective (but still functional) weapon platform until the proper components and materials can be obtained.

  7. If you are into speed shooting then use the speed plasma cutter i cant remember how the hell i built it but damn it was a good reliable gun and also it gave me alot of ammo for me to use and boy it paid off

  8. Um, me here. I like my SCAF MK-V Bullpup Rifle/with Grenade launcher. a MK-II Acid bath and Safety guard to boot. With the right upgrades, it's about as insanely deadly as the Double Barrel Rocket Launcher of Death. Also more versatile. That's just me.

  9. ive got a wepon i like add me as a friend on psn 3 my name is litteleblackwolf2 ill give you the blue prints its under slug holds 162 rounds you need alot of stuff though when i say alot I MEAN ALOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. MK V supercharged compact EG-900 SMG with default SMG attachments MK V ammo sweeper MK V acid bath and last but not least the circuits x2 +3 rate of fire +3 damage on the upper and lower and x2 +3 reload +3 rate of fire on upper and lower and that my friends is it have fun

  11. many guns i like tho my fav is still the bad ass magnum with sub machine gun mount. max the magnum with damage and watever max sub machine gun with spd and clip. attch with damage boost and acid. it looks damn sexc and fucks shit up easy.

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