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Sly Cooper – Thieves In Time Full Animated Short

Earlier this week we showed the second part of a Sly Cooper animated short, and now Sony has released the whole thing in one collected piece.

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  1. Sly cooper game series relly awesome and awesome to there hid began sly cooper really miss it a lot Spyro and crash also ratchet still round where sly cooper 5 and tv show also movie to come now Sony please begin sly cooper back to spot light again

  2. Sly Cooper:"The last person I was expecting to run into was Inspector Carmelita Fox."(Carmelita leans forward to Sly Cooper and glares at him. Then, Sly Cooper removes the duct tape from Carmelita's mouth.)Carmelita:"OOOOOOOWWWWWWW! GRRRRRRR!!!"(Sly Cooper gets behind Carmelita to untie her from the chair.)Sly Cooper:"She'd been in a hot pursuit in Mugshot, too. But she was put in the dog house."

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