Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 – Pre-Order Trailer

Check out the bonus goodies included in the first-run copies of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.

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  1. Well you made a wise choice lol. The online factor has ruined this game just my opinion though and I see your point about people worshiping this game. Some of these people are trying to make this game have "skill" and challenging and trying to make it into a big thing. Like what is so skillful about hitting one fucking button to do combo's? Lol and people are saying this game takes strategy. The only reason why I am getting this is for the boss battles and that's just about it. Fuck the online.

  2. halo 3 was not the last game their is Halo ODST Halo:Reach and Halo 4 and yeah its the last one it pretty much raps up the rest of the shows storyline because Naruto shippuden is going to end after the ninja war ends.

  3. what will they do for campaign their done with naruto with halo bungie was still their and decided later to continue it but after this everyone is done with the show game completely their already thinking of a new show

  4. Dude, Barderoth is right. I mean, look at Dragon Ball Z, it ended almost 16 years ago, and they're still making games. Plus, I read that Shippuden might have a sequal, which is named Akkippuden.

  5. I'm positive that Gaara doesn't want the Shukaku, even though he could control its power to a certain extent, it didn't let him Sleep, he literally couldn't sleep at all with the Shukaku sealed within him.

  6. Naruto will controll all of the beasts in the end kinda obvious since they talked about the moment the Sage of the Six Paths talked about when they was young.
    Soon Naruto will have all 9 into himself ;D

  7. Yeah but i wouldt be suprised tbh.
    But maybe Naruto says that they should be divided between the people again
    or maybe that they shall all be set free and live where they like aslong they dont wreck havok xD

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