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Dante might have a new look, but can he still slay demons with the best of them? Mark finds out in this video review.

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  1. It's one thing to not like a game, but it's another thing to lash out at a game for trying to do things different. What people like you are doing is just getting upset about is every little detail or just hating the game. It's ok not to like something, but people are just hating on it way too much. I have never heard of a game this year that has been hated that much by so many people than DmC.

  2. Pandora (the suitcase gun) was used by agnus to open and maintain the hell gate, this is proved when he said ''the hell gate, I invented mearley as a substitute fir the real gate but after utilising some extremely powerful devil arms (Pandora, Lucifer and giglamesh) it proved sufficient

  3. The next devil may cry game (if there is one) should have the combat and controls of this game, and the characters and story, not to mention the actually funny dialog that isn't ruined by constant cursing from the original devil may cry games.

  4. You didn't read my entire comment. I said that this games dialog was ruined by annoying cursing. the original ones had funny moments that made dante a badass without making him sound like a stereotypical twelve year old on Xbox live.

  5. "If don't understand why people lash at DmC, I recommend you shut it."
    The only people who lash out at DmC are the DMC4 fans. True DMC fans have accepted that Ninja Theory and Capcom never insulted the fans.
    They wanted to reboot something that had become very stale with DMC4. Which was probably the worst games of the series.
    Tameem and Ninja Theory are simply the developers Capcom chose. Whoever else they chose wouldn't matter, you would still be here trying to pretend DMC4 was worth continuing

  6. This is what your 'arguments' have devolved down to?? Lol.
    DmC has plot holes the same way Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us and even The Dark Knight has plot holes.
    You can't attack the well written story, so you have to bring up plot holes. Plot holes exist in fiction, because fiction is not reality.
    The reason you need to attack the game now on this level, is because you have nothing else to defend your behaviour with; ultimately thats because DMC4 was one of the worst stories of all time.

  7. Any of these points can be easily dismissed. For example:
    1. Mundus (its spelt Mundus); "a self proclaimed "god". A self proclaimed God, dosen't make someone a God. Your logic has contradicted itself. Lol.
    "human world being overrun by demons?"
    Why does Mudus want that? He wants to keep humans ignorant and docile to the existence of demons. Where is the evidence he wants to change the status quo?

  8. 2. "Why does Moondas feel the need to have an heir is he's an immortal demon?"
    You've accidentally answered this question yourself with your own contradiction:
    "a self proclaimed god"
    A self proclaimed God, is just that self proclaimed. We don't actually know he is immortal. He is so long as the Hell Gate is open.
    3. "why did he let Lilith go out to the same club where Donte goes"
    Mundus dosen't know what Dante will do. Dante's unpredictable, unlike Nero. Beside's Lilith is a demon.

  9. Its funny because what you mentioned wern't actually plot holes; yet I don't deny plot holes exist in all great games, like DmC, The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite which deals with parallel universes.
    DmC's story forces you to think, demonstrating that it was thought proving. Unlike DMC4. You can't think like that about DMC4's story because it ins't thought provoking, its Twilight nonsense with Nero and Kyrie. Hence why you won't question DMC4, its so bad, its not worth questioning, Lol.

  10. Then prove it DMC4 fan; show us all your skills on DMD mode, clearing the top of the leaderboard and some expert videos.
    The truth is DMC4 was Japanese developers trying to westernise a series, hence Dante's western facial features, or Nero's inclusion as the new main character.
    And you fell for it hook, line and sinker. For DMC1 fans Devil May Cry started with DMC1, not DMC4. hence why DMC4 was never close to the standard set in that original game.
    Why is that Ninja Theory's fault?

  11. Again you came to me, and I saw you here pretending DMC4 was Devil May Cry, when we both know DMC4 was very far from the original game.
    Yet all you have is your troll comments, hence why you can't counter anything I've said.
    The reason you need to lie about DmC is because you can't give it a fair chance. If you gave DmC a fair chance, it would be no contest against how poor quality DMC4 was.
    Keep doing what your doing, prove that DMC4 is that bad you NEED to lie about DmC to make DMC4 good.

  12. To all the fools who think DmC combat is even remotely fast and stylish compared to the original please watch Truestyle Tournament videos (e.g. watch?v=iWMNIJXiLIU) and know that you're wrong.
    DmC gameplay is inferior to DMC 1, 3, and 4 in many ways. I played the highest difficulty on my first run and i got through most levels by just button smashing and occasionally pressing the dodge button when enemy attack. it's extremely repetitive, linear, and boring as DMC2. DmC has no ground to compete against the original series.

  13. Matthew Tyrer. Their just DMC4 fans, there not DMC fans. Their here to defend a game so bad it can't stand on it own merits. They have no choice but to attack DmC because DMC4 was a terrible sequel to DMC3.
    Unfortunately whether they like it or not. DmC was released and the professional reviewers didn't listen to a word they said. If your not happy with the game move on with your life with DMC4 and all of Capcom's other 'great' games. We both know they can't move on because DMC4 isn't worth moving onto.

  14. Got this game for free with my ps+ and all my speculation about the change in direction this franchise has taken where put to bed! this game rules

  15. Oh man I couldn't even finish this game cause I kinda got bored. I hate the fact that capcom thinks everyone hates Dmc4 because it sucks. Everyone hates it because they didn't finish developing the game. Dmc4's combat was amazing, and for the people who say that this game's dialogue and story is so good should really have higher standards. The dialogue alone is really bad which is unusual for them, and Dante's personality…….. yea  

  16. Got this game for free on PS plus, i had no idea i would enjoy it as much as i did. i just bought the HD collection of the first 3, never played them the first time around.

  17. I was late jumping on to this game, just got it for the 360 and I love it, I'm not super good at these games, but 1 was cool finished it, skipped 2, 3 was too difficult for me, so I stopped playing, and wasn't that interested in 4, how was that one? anyways, this one is sweet, I always play on the nephilim difficulty, maybe they toned this one down for noobs like me, if so then hell yeah, I'm grateful;)

    However, I am no noob at all at fighting games, sfa3, T5.5, kof 98' & 02'um, & rival schools, I kill at those;) anyways, I digress, as awesome as this game is, I understand why fans of the other games might not like it, it's a bit different, and the white wig trolling scene was fkd, but hilarious, however the combat system seems more intuitive to me, so to each his own;) peace fellow gamers.  

  18. Ok honestly, this game is SO GOOD!!! The only Devil May Cry game I've played prior to this was Devil May Cry 4 and I loved that game and completed it. The story is told just as good in this game as it is in the last – this game also has WAY better combo dynamics than Devil May Cry 4. There are MANY weapons to use in combo strings. People automatically bashed and wrote this game off simply because Dante looked different, but the question is…..WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE STORY? Nothing. Fanboys just like to complain about petty things and the thing is…..if u really wanna use old Dante that bad u can just get him in DLC! Either way this game rules, and if you have played any other DmC game you will not be disappointed

  19. I'm not a DMC fan but I did play all DMC games including this one and to be honest this game isn't that bad. The story is good. The gameplay and soundtracks are also great only there's two or three things that I dislike.

    I personally love the new look on Dante and Vergil but I don't like their personality. Vergil always the calm person while Dante always makes jokes in tense situations. Mundus as a banker?I rather see him as "The prince of darkness" statue instead of a banker.I don't like Dante and Vergil being nephillim instead I love them being Demon-Human Hybrid.

  20. The reason why this game will continue to get flak is because the developers changed the well established, iconic and fan-loving characters with mediocre personalities. The gameplay in this particular game was good, but the story line and characters disappointed many, many fans. The original Dante and DMC had a cult following of over ten years. It has even developed into comics, Manga, Kids cartoons, clothing and there was even talk of putting it on the big screen. We all rejoiced when they featured in the Marvel Vs Capcom games.  But then Ninja Theory went and ruined it. Its just like taking Super Mario and making him into an American Macho man with heavy guns (like a Rambo).  

    The owners of this franchise will lose all their loyal fans if this continues. 

  21. Lol someone must be an emo fan…. dmc isnt a bad game but the slap in the face to devil my cry fans and the clich'e story that seems like it was written by a potty mouthed teenager holds it back. The action is amazing and best ive seen in the devil may cry series.

  22. Never played DMC before but it seems most of the people who have all say the same thing "its shit!" or "its a good game but dissapointing to DMC fans" guess ill buy it then.

  23. I hate people I just finished the game and had a blast it's so creative and the combat is so fun and it has awesome bosses people just bitch and moan when they don't get there way for anything

  24. i used to hate this game when i saw the first trailer but guess what? i gave it a try and it totally worth my time and money. EPIC GAME 9.10

  25. Holy crap are fans salty about this game. I've never played the previous Devil May Cry games and I can say that DmC is truly an AMAZING game. I had an absolute blast playing it. And I didnt even know this was a reboot. The story was strong. The characters were lovable and believable. And the combat. On man the combat. It was a total blast to kill those demons. The boss battles were equally amazing. (Although I wish they were more clever and difficult). I've still yet to master chaining all those weapons together. 10/10 would play again.

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