Crysis 3 – Nanosuit Trailer

Check out a trailer for Crysis 3 highlighting the Nanosuit: the ultimate in tactical combat armor.

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  1. 1:08 I have always appreciated that cut. Sets the bombs, armour mode*, jumps off, detonates/cuts to a different scene/*explosion*, crash lands, grind to a stop, "You okay?" "Yeah" *armour deactivated

    Would have been better if this scene was actually in the game, but I appreciate what they did for the trailer.

  2. 0.23 how wasp born to hunt hes enemys on new star to take them what he was to greated to clean criminal planet before when familys returned homeworld

  3. Crysis is one of the best quality shooters that there is.
    Great story. Great gameplay. Unparalleled graphics. Great audio(nanosuit)/soundtrack.

    Its sad that such a great franchise had to die. I hope they just. Create crysis 4 in continuation from crysis 3.

  4. Prophet
    Every Body were expecting Crysis 4
    but instead we got A Remastered Version of the original.
    I Dont Know why?
    But I still Love to Hear Crysis 4 From the Developers.
    Man I really Want the.

  5. There were 2 games I immediately knew I'd want to play the second I got my PC. This and Doom Eternal had me reminisce over how as a kid, thinking how cool it would be if games matched their cinematics. Trailers sometimes don't do games justice anymore.

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