Tomb Raider – Survivor Trailer

Watch Lara transition from survival to survivor in Tomb Raider.

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  1. the ugliest Graphics ive ever seen. So many Low Res textures and unreal animations. The CGI Intro was fine but this wasnt fine. However the Game was brilliant and funny but next time i will have better Graphics

  2. Uncharted was a snore, this new tomb raider looks like a combination between that and the last of us…the more i see these types of games the more i hate the current stand of the gaming industry. giant bloated flashy superficial hollywoodized interactive movies with scripted AI, scripted explosions, baby-challenge difficulty, QTE's, dozens of tutorials, hand holding, with innovation and gameplay taking an enormous backseat….Thank god for nintendo.

  3. Everything just seems very cut & paste, SAFE if you will, with everybody jumping on the uuber realistic shooter & survival craze these days. Developing videogames must of been MILES more fun back in the 8-16bit area.

  4. I see alot of people bitching about the graphics… i am playing this game on the pc and the graphics are amazing! The game overall is amazing. One of my dav games of all time

  5. I just finished this game. It was dope. Now, I'm ready for Rise of the Tomb raider when it comes out on PS4. Unless it'll be on PS3 too. There has been no mention for that platform. I don't know, but we'll see.

  6. I remember when I watched this trailer.. It gave me chills and now I have Rise of the Tomb Raider.. And to be honest. I fucking prefer the new one.

  7. Just completed this awesome game.. This is my first tomb raider game which I finished… Story is good, music is good.. Everyone should give it a try..😊

  8. I'm glad the revamped version of tomb raider was around for as long as it was. As much as I wish square enix would pick it back up, the games always gave me someone to look forward to and to look up to.

  9. The good about this game are the challenges, relics and secret tombs. u wont complete the game unless u explore a lot. story is only 50% of the game. best game until now for me.

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