The Phantom Pain Debut Trailer

Check out the new project from Moby Dick Studio.

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  1. Fucking bullshit, this game didnt release yet. They showed us 3 minute gameplay footage and just forgot about us. Cyberpunk trailer released 8 yrs ago too, but that time it was in development. This game seems like it was in development and yet. They cant finish this shit. No news about it too.

  2. I’m here after people speculated that Kojima is behind the Abandoned PS5 game, and that it’s actually Silent Hill LMAO. Since he has a history of false advertising.

  3. Funny how this has come in my recommendations after I have been watching the Abandoned speculation videos. Hideo Kojima sneaky tactics all over again.

  4. Looking back now, I low key wish this wasn’t a MGS game and was just a completely new IP by Kojima. Imagine this as his take on a horror game. Touches of the supernatural and being hunted by paramilitaries would’ve been insanely terrifying while dealing with say PTSD or dislocation. Makes me think of a militaristic take on Silent Hill.

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