The Last of Us – Story Trailer

Take a closer look at the horrors you’ll face in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us.

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  1. Hey if he likes it so be it, the original reason why i bought my PS3 was for Ratchet & Clank: a Crack in Time, of course i now have many more like Journey, Littlebigplanet, Dead Nation and am looking forward to get my hands on Wipeout HD, Starhawk, Twisted Metal, The Unfinished Swan, etc. but that game was my main reason at the time, so if he bought it for the games he mentioned let it be.

  2. It's like if your saying let's reunite the jews, muslims and christians together …. It will never work ; they were born with different minds.

  3. i heard that they slightly changed ellie's face because she looked alot like ellen page. some people thought she would be voiced by her. i prefered the original

  4. why do you get it "Now"? I mean why not 2009? serously bro you are stupid. because there is coming the Next Gen PS4 and you buy now a PS3…Jesus Christ

  5. I'm a PC gamer and I thought no graphics could be as good as a PC's. The Last of Us blew me away and I bought a PS3. Completed the game. It's got amazing character development, graphics, gameplay, plot. The game is amazing!

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