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My Little Pony game – Behind the scenes with Ashleigh Ball

My Little Pony game – Behind the scenes with Ashleigh Ball

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  1. Applejack: Hoo-doggy, Ashleigh Ball is as awesome an' loyal as Rainbow Dash, and believe you me, that's sayin' somethin', becuz she is awesome an' loyal!

  2. can you and your team make a episode where rainbow dash tells her feelings to applejack? (and it includes them kissing like about 5 times but not at the same time)

  3. Me: And for the My Little Pony series Pony Life
    Ashleigh Ball: ?
    Me: The Pony Life fandom said that the actors and actresses from FiM are coming back for My Little Pony: Pony Life
    Ashleigh Ball: Oh that's right I'm excited to do Applejack and Rainbow Dash again

  4. And now, with a launch of back in March, it will allow to use your favorite voices from “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” using text to speech voices to everyone. You can use it in Vyond (formerly GoAnimate) and Plotagon to use any of the MLP voices as different characters. Including my upcoming project for my next movie for MTN called “Goldie the Movie”. The voices will include Pinkie Pie as Goldie, Shutterfly as Little Bo Peep, Rarity as Mary, and Applejack as Little Red Riding Hood.

  5. Fun fact: I actually met Ash (that’s what I call her now -w-) at a beach when we were both camping at the same time. When I was younger she was my complete idol, she’s older than me but we talked a lot and she even taught me how to do Rainbowdash’s voice!

    Yeah I doubt anyone is reading this-

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