GameSpot Reviews – Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

Carolyn Petit invades another galaxy in this video review for Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault.

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  1. ikr! I BOUGHT IT NOT EVEN KNOWING THAT IT IS A MULTIPLAYER GAME. not to mention i got it for ps vita, was planing on playing it on 10 hour airplane ride. SO basicaly iwasted my money because u need internet for it

  2. Well then insomniac should at least make the game 15-20 hours then. A 10 hour game with only single player for 60$? That shows that the developers are lazy, or just not trying had enough. '

    It seems like insomniac stop caring about Ratch and clank. =(

  3. Personally I didn't find this game to be bad, just disappointing. I still had fun with it, just not as much as I had with the older Ratchet and Clank games.

  4. "Carolyn Petit," it's a female…I know, I also thought it was a male in all of there other reviews until I saw their name pop up on one like it did in this. Anyway, must suck to be them, they're most likely homosexual as well. And 50.

  5. I'm obviously not an "ignorant fool" for not knowing these things, how in Hell would I know that? I'm not some "fan" of Gamespot. It was a guess. No need to "bitch up a storm".

  6. No Ratchet and Clank game clocks in at 15-20 hours. They're usually around 7-12 hours. Up Your Arsenal was the ONLY main title to feature multiplayer (unless you count Deadlock/Gladiator). Not sure how you're remembering things but it didn't have note worthy character development. I struggle to think who you could even be referring to.

    Lastly Full Frontal Assalt is only $20, with a 3-5 hour campaign, and really fun multiplayer. It's worth the money, and doesn't seem like they stopped caring.

  7. The game should really be played in 3d it looks awesome in 3d . I have yet to play on line I just picked it up today . I know there are five levels im already on the 4th in one night and will im sure beat it by tomorrow its not tuff for single player . It is really fun I really enjoy playing the game setting up defences is fun along with attacking bases. Hope people are still playing it on line so i can play with them . For the 16 bucks i got it for i give it an 10 out of 10 .

  8. ikr its not like it cost 100 dollars just to buy this game, it only cost 20 buk, thats cheap, and it was alot of fun though, yeah im a fan of ratchet and clank since it was first released 😀

  9. that moment you discover "it" is the game spot reviewer. guess I'll have to find another review. Shame they waste good quality editing and production on this shitty reviewer.

  10. i swear this game sucks. its too short, too fucking hard in single player where you are doing a mission and your base is getting invaded and fucking tower defense. id rather play this over all 4 one but seriously the series is going down hill after a crack in time. into the nexus was good but to damn short. if the reimagining fails we oughta kiss our lombax good night

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