Far Cry 3 – Starter Guide Video Feature

Do you want guns, cash, and dead sharks? Here is how to do it.

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  1. DUUUUUUUDE you really make feel glad to spend 30 bucks, this game is seriously insaaanee and this will help me to finally enjoy it! lets go god damn crafting!!

  2. This game is awful simply because of how many times i run out of ammo and die while trying to hunt things to craft bigger bags so i stop running out of ammo and dying.

  3. Here Is How To Progress The Game Without Any Difficulty.
    1. Do Not Go For Any Story Mission Right After "Securing The Outpost ".
    2. Activate All Radio Towers To Unlock The North Island Map , Weapons And Gain XP.
    3. Collect All Relics , Letter Of The Lost To Unlock Weapons And Gain Additional XP.
    4. Unlock All Outpost. If Possible Try Do It Undetected. It will give you 1500 XP Each And Will Unlock Weapons And You Can Find All Memory Cards.
    5. Craft Everything. Those Include – Weapons Slot , Ammo Pouches, Vaccine Kit , Wallet And Other Necessary Equipments.
    6. Complete Every Trial Of Rakyat , Supply Drop And Other Events Which Give You Money And XP.

    By Doing The Above Things , You Will Unlock All Weapons Including Signature Weapons. Then You Will Earn Enough XP By Which You Can Learn Many Skills Which Is Nearly 20 And Maybe Above That. Overall There Are 54 Skills. As The Story Progresses, You Will Require More XP To Learn 1 Skill. Crafting Is Also Necessary For Highest Ammo Limit , Highest Money And Unlocking All 4 Weapon Slots. I Hope This Is Enough For You All Who Want To Progress Without Any Hurdles. BEST OF LUCK AND HAPPY GAMING.

  4. Great video! Just got the game recently, and decided to just "wing it". Big mistake. Spent a lot of time wandering around, getting wiped out by both enemies and animals. Totally frustrating. Your video was just what I needed, and showed me what I was doing wrong (It ought to come with the game!) I highly recommend watching this video before starting the game!

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