Far Cry 3 – Definition of Insanity Cutscene Gameplay (Xbox 360)

Voss tells Jason what crazy is, in this cutscene from Far Cry 3.

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  1. I replay this in my head whenever I walk into my home and see my wife. Been married for 20 years now. Its work, come home, netflix and tv every single day

  2. the thing that Vaas has diffrent that other villains is that he has this balance between calm and total madness like he could had shoot you but he instead sort of calmy explained you the definition of insanity

  3. "But the first time somebody told me that, I don't know, I thought they were bullshitting me so, boom, I shot him."
    And what does Jason do during his fight with Vaas? He shoots him in the head.
    "The thing is, okay… he was right."

  4. This entire scene is a masterpiece from the fluid yet insane way he talks and how he contradicts himself and shows that he is falling into the definition of insanity

  5. You would have thought out of all people ubisoft would have listened to this message more out of anyone, but look at the state of farcry today, more of the same over and over again

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