Crysis 3: Hell of a Town – 7 Wonders Ep. 1

In the first episode of the “7 Wonders of Crysis” series, Prophet returns to an imprisoned New York City, trapped within the confines of the CELL Corporation’s Nanodome.

The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3
Ep. 1 – Hell of a Town –
Ep. 2 – The Hunt -…

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  1. The first Crysis game came out at the same time as CoD4 Modern Warfare(you know the one every knows got CoD popular in the first place). And as for the Halo comparison, these games have next to nothing in common with them except maybe that they are both sci-fi with aliens bent on trying to kill us. The graphics in every Crysis game have blown every other shooter out of the water since then. I mean how ignorant can you be?

  2. What do you mean no not really? Have you even played crysis 2? Have you even played crysis 3 for that matter? Because this game is set quiet some time after crysis 2, and the ending of crysis 2 implied that we would continue the story right were it left off.

  3. Really? I'd say they're all as dull as each other, heavily over scripted, only really one true path, lots of duck and cover shooting, just another army game dressed up with a hint of alien. Nice graphics though.

  4. Because someone pro-ing it up isn't what they want to show, they wanna show how enemies react, how the engine works and the graphical capiabilities.

  5. 'Welcome to the new world, same as the old world'??? Oh come on. You could have come up with something better… Astonishing game by the way!

  6. You're not entirely wrong, The series was seriously dumbed down after the first game to make it more Halo/Cod like. Which is sad.

  7. Steam, origin and every other platform like those are shit. It just forces you to buy a game troughout a service. And don't bring up the summer sales excuse please…

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