Halo 4 – The Gun Show

Chris Watters gets his hands on all the guns of Halo 4 just for you.

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  1. Needler is a weapon that is either loved or hated it's all down to playing a weapons strengths and countering its weaknesses. Also the needles has had a bad history so it's no surprise Chris was so ill towards it.

  2. My favourite load out is the bolt shot and binary rifle. Bolt shot perfect for mid range to close combat thanks to the two fire options and the binary rifle for its superb long range capabilities. My equipment of choice is the hard light shield, perfect for deflecting heavy rounds like snipers, rockets and scorpions or for nope-ing out of other situations. My preferred tactical package is dexterity, as I find having to reload and/or weapon swapping too long and tedious.

  3. Ah nostalgia fucking love this game dont care what people say this game was fun and i love it.
    Know what im playing when i get back home for thanksgiving.

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