Halo 4 – The Forerunners have Returned Cutscene

(Spoiler Warning – This Video contains footage from the Halo 4 campaign mode.) The Didact is freed and Master Chief comes face to face with a very bitter Forerunner.

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  1. Imagine if the Didact escaped during the main trilogy, either Halo 2 or 3. The Didact probably corrupting the Covenant and the Prophets and refusing to ally with humanity and of course desiring to obliterate the Flood as well. In a way, he hated humans perhaps even more than the Flood themselves.

  2. Because when you incarcerate someone, be sure to imprison them in their own spaceship, and set it up so that when someone accidentally touches a button, all their armor magically floats back onto them.

  3. Wish his armor was designed simmilarly to the sentinels etc so it would look a bit more forerunner but other than that i think didact is my favorite halo 4 character

  4. I only remember Keith Szarabajka from Sengoku Basara. He's the perfect voice for Nobunaga. When I heard Didact speak for the first time back in those days, I had the biggest smile on my face. He really does suit villains incredibly well.

  5. Ah well. If halo 4 had as much effort like infinite it would have been great. I thought didact would return as data influencing Cortana along with gravemind but sad that 4, 5, 6 have different stories. Just ehh.

  6. The Didact had potential to carry another franchise but they got in their own way. 343 just cannot write to save their lives

  7. God this game was an actual sequel. 8 years later, and Halo 6 was such a nothing burger. This scene gave me such hope for this new trilogy,

  8. The Didact has been Released from his Cryptum!
    The Didact: I am a Forerunner. The Reclamation shall begin! The Forerunners have returned!

    The Harbinger has been Released from her cylinx!
    Harbinger: I am a Xanalyn the endless. The Reformation shall begin and the Endless will return!

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