Halo 4 – Champaign Intro Cutscene

(Spoiler Warning – This Video contains footage from the Halo 4 campaign mode.) Dr. Halsey is questioned about the creation of the Spartans and their purpose in this cutscene that sets the stage for Halo 4.

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  1. Take a good look Ladies and Gentlemen, the only Plasma Rifle in the whole of Halo 4. Bravo 343

  2. I read y'all comments about what you think you know about halo .-. Like really? Halsey headed up II and III. Spartan III's did where Mark IV VARIANTS. And IIII's armor is classified ONI armor. Which comes from Mark variants. But designed to be expendable. See 3 and 4 was made to fill a void. Not to be the best II's were.

  3. Bruh I get everyone in noble team except for noble 6 were immortal (in game play), but they still died so no, Spartans do die xD

  4. Anyone else notice how disjointed and nonsensical this cutscene is? It starts when she says "his file reads MIA" and he goes "Katherin Spartans never die". Like that's what she just said? That's the same idea

    And then she's like "Your mistake is seeing Spartans as military hardware" which is what she saw Spartans as, and what the guy was arguing Spartans shouldn't be!!

  5. Just realized how cool halo 4 was it's just 343 didn't use characters we know or love to portray anything but at the same time its about the next gen so halo 4 was amazing in my Opinion its not the best halo but its a good one

  6. The biggest problem with the cutscene is, they show a group of spartans with the same mark VI armor variation. Even though all spartans have different mk VI armor variations.

  7. If you ask other humans, Spartans are weapons of war

    to Halsey, Spartans are her ego personified, her dreams now born to the truth.

    But ask a Spartan what they are. A Spartan will only say, they are a Spartan.
    Finish the fight

  8. I have to say,of all people that tried only Halsey managed to truly justify her actions,I mean kidnapping hundreds of children and make them super soldiers only for them to be the heroes of the world,yeah,I say she truly is justified,without Halsey humanity would have gone extinct a loooooooong time ago

  9. If you listen closely, you can figure out that the voice actors of cortana and Chief are the actors giving voice to halsy and the ONI guy in this vid.

  10. I get goosebumps when Halsey says "my Spartans are humanities next step, our destiny as a species" because I agree with her. If we are to survive in space and on other planets with different gravity and weather, we will need human biomodification to make any of that possible. We cannot wait for evolution to change us, we must do it ourselves. We must accept that we are God, our potential yet to be harnessed.

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