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Grand Theft Auto V Trailer #2

Rockstar Games has released its second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. It has a lot of people jumping out of, from, and into moving vehicles.

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  1. I read in game informer that cj is not back but some charaters from past games are but they are not saying till it comes out and you have to play the game.

  2. Rockstar has become a mature game making company and there gta games keep getting better and better (san andreas was a bit better than gta IV though)
    They got some help from other game creators to.
    so theres a very VERY VEEEEEEERYYY small chance of it being bad.


    I can't stop being excited for this, and then I think of that Sept. release date… Wow I got a long time to wait.

    It'll be worth it though 😀

  4. im a little bit scared to.
    i heard they changed alot of shit.
    like the camera angle when you run.
    …the camera angle 🙁
    i wanted it to be somewhat close to the other gta's.
    i dont know why its such a big deal for me though :l

  5. Yeah, but this looks like it will blend the older and newer games perfectly. Very realistic and well written, but still over the top fun like San Andreas. Plus since this takes place in Los Santos it is gonna kick ass. Think about all the pop culture jokes and parodies from IV and apply it to a parody of the most evil city in America.

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