Far Cry 3 – Revealed Trailer

This Far Cry 3 trailer gives a tour of the epic storyline, relentless shooter action and its open world.

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  1. Idiot. I still have the receipt from gametop that includes the purhase of my PS3, the subtotal before tax was $599. I know that they dropped in price after 5 years, but trying to prove me wrong when you are utterly clueless is a terrible idea.

  2. You're an idiot. I said they cost $600 5 years ago, not that they still cost $600 today. What I said was that mine cost $600 when i bought it 5 years ago.

    Please read the comment more thoroughly.

  3. I don't give a shit what you do, we need more Vaas! I dont care Ubisoft, make a DLC thats like a prequel to Far Cry 3 where you go through how Vaas took over the Rook islands! Its such a shame to see such a great character just be left like that!

  4. So I've been researching older ubisoft reveal trailers, just because of this whole watch dogs thing. (the reveal trailer looks worse then the gameplay shown in 2012)

    wow, they really do make fake trailers.

  5. To be honest out of all the far cry games far cry 3 is my favorite I mean really the first couple had bad graphics and then the third one was incredible decent graphics then just the characters really finished the story I don't just mean the friends and Jason Brody but the friends you meet on the island Vaas is a crazy pirate who is without a doubt my favorite character in any game ever he really brings out the madness going to any length just to prove what Jason have become even if he killed himself then Hoyt. I didn't like him as much as Vaas but he was certainly a good character then added to the story so Hoyt was a business man who controlled islands full of pirates but he was above Vaas and Hoyt was crazy..but he didn't show he amount of insanity that Vaas showed us then Buck? I think? He was disturbing…. anyway this was the best single player game I have ever played

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