Climbing Trees – Assassin's Creed III Gameplay (Xbox 360)

Climbing up a tall tree helps Connor get a vital Viewpoint Synchronized in this snowy wilderness.

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  1. that's the beauty of it, it let's u doo some of the things u allways thought of doing without the danger of doing it like climbing a frozen tree in winter (i tried doing it, it's not worth it you're hand literally freeze) 🙂

  2. The fact that I had to look up this video to see how to climb this fucking tree just shows that Ubisoft sincerely fucked the mechanics for this damn game up. God damn.

  3. The tree branches react to your weight, perhaps you're not paying attention to it? Plus, it's running on 7 year old hardware, and they've had a lot of technical limitations because of that. BUT, they've been working on it for 3 years so it's not a "Another year another game" thing.

  4. Trust me, this is as good as all of the best games in the series. This is everything the games should have been since Brotherhood, I'd definitely recommend it.

  5. Jeezus….I did pretty much everything this guy did to get up them damn trees, but the controls seem erratic and hard to control without falling. The game is cool except for that crap.

  6. my keyboard broke because of this shit. there's this one tree where every time i try to jump to this one branch. Connors will jump into a bush on the ground. that is fucking annoying as fuck.

  7. So I've been climbing the trees for synchronising which hasn't been a problem. My question is how do you get down after? On every other AC game when you find a viewpoint you can dive into hay after but on these trees there's no safe jump spot and this game won't allow me to climb back down.

    There's no drop grab feature like the older games either where you could press the drop button then grab again. Every damn synch spot = a jump to my death after.

    Really terrible feature to be honest.

  8. AC3 looks way better than AC4 
    The textures look cleaner and more detailed and I see less jaggies in AC3. AC4 looks loke AC2 graphic wise.

  9. I have this problem whenever I climb a tree fall down…. im using haytham tho.. is this a bug or haytham just doesnt know how to climb a tree??? (sorry for my english)

  10. First synchronized tree: Wow! That was really cool!

    Third synchronized tree: Huh these really take a while to get up. I don’t think there’s any more though

    27th synchronized tree: Okay, SERIOUSLY?

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