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Angry Birds Star Wars Cinematic Trailer

Angry Birds Star Wars, the game that finally mashes together the Angry Birds and Star Wars universes, is available now for all kinds of devices.

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  1. Angry Birds Star Wars 1 and 2, Angry Birds 1, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Go, Angry Birds Rio… all of them are gone and wasted because Rovio wanted to focus and “develop” their new worthless angry bird games. (I always hated new angry birds, ofc it is not worthless but it can’t ever hold the place of the old ones.)

  2. 1:26
    My master:Alright,The Passengers are Myself,The boy and 2 Droids.
    And we would like to avoid Imperial Forces.

    Han Solo:It's 20,000 then!

    My son:20,000!?
    I could buy my own ship with that!

    My master:
    I'll give you 2000.

    Han Solo:Just 2000?

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