SimCity (2013) Gameplay Footage

Here’s a SimCity video showcasing the worldwide debut of direct feed gameplay from the game.

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  1. I actually installed this game again 2 days ago, and I'm having a blast. Sure, it's not as in depth or as good looking as the previous games, but still enjoyable 🙂
    I'd say if you want a city to progress fast, you play Simcity 2013. If you want to go more in depth and be a perfectionist, you play Cities Skylines.

  2. "Once they get their paychecks they will try to spend their hard earned money to buy happiness" Wow, and that just shows how bleak life is for people.

  3. I remember this years ago and I remember playing the game and enjoying most of it. But I slowly played it less and less untill I stopped playing and found cities skylines.

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