Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile Launch Trailer

Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile is now avaiable for PC.

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  1. damn what a game i remember when i was a kid playd Serius sam 2
    old shcool !!! for pepole who loves hardcore shooting games this game for you

  2. doesn't even look like they are trying to make a decent game guess they are just cashing in the name and those of ya stupid enough to shell out for this POS

  3. What does subs have to do with anything? Also look at my views…also this is my secondary account…my other was 1Kurt9Donald9Cobain4 which had near or a bit over 100 million views total in only 6 months of me making videos. It got banned because my tags were not related to the content somehow…so I did the same with this…a few months of vids..a few reposts…but couldnt get as many views…harder now for some reason…dont get why….check out my videos though just for fun…

  4. Of course not. This one just seems to be trying to copy the exact same formula. you know (Big Macho guy, Loan wolf, Aliens with no real objective, and shitty voice acting.) I.E. Duke Nukem.

  5. Maybe so, but maybe they are also trying to maintain the same concept as previous serious Sam games for the fans of the classic shooter. I don't see Serious Sam keeping up with modern shooters whether or not they added new elements to it. It's a classic redone to make it look better on todays technology. Most people that will enjoy/purchase it will do so because they used to play the originals. I might get it for the mindless shooting when I don't feel like thinking too much. Lol.

  6. the boys are from croatia, it's a small country and not many people speak english in croatia so give them a brake they are great. btw the new duke nuken is just a peace of crap that was funny 100 years ago….

  7. I have a problem, I reinstall Serious Sam 3 and once I'm in the game, I don't see the Jewel of the Nile campaign. Is there something that I need to do?

  8. yea I've already notice it a week after I post that comment. I would have thought the DLC will be download automatically for free when it comes to PC games.

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