Hotline Miami – Wear Something Fancy Trailer

Hotline Miami. 1980s Dating hotline. Masked murderer. And top-down shooter.

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  1. Yes, Because christians NEVER oppress women. They can wear whatever they want, as long as we can use it to justify rape, and if it happens that they become pregnant because of rape, well, some of us would prefer that they kept that baby till it was born. But, don't expect help feeding it, because we don't want to give handouts to people who have babies they can't afford. You shouldn't have gotten pregnant if you can't afford a baby, you know?

  2. no they don't, Pigs have no sweat glands so rolling in wet mud (not shit) is the only way to maintain body temperature, if "god" didn't want them to do that then why did he design them that way?

  3. I know your comment is really old, but it turns out that this guy is one of the playable characters in Hotline Miami 2.

  4. It is true that the pig butcher is in fact not jacket but according to sources the actor playing the pig butcher (because in that sector of the game it is a movie) is actually jacket. So technically jacket is the pig butcher.

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