GameSpot Reviews – One Piece: Pirate Warriors

Carolyn Petit leaves the straw hat to Monkey D. Luffey in this video review for One Piece: Pirate Warriors.

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  1. It doesn't matter if the game is "for fans". If the game is bad, they're going so say as such. It's a shitty game. Get over it, One Piece fanboys.

  2. Oh look, another reviewer who doesn't like the Musou gameplay style. What a revelation. Not to mention this reviewer is ALWAYS overly critical. Is there anyone that doesn't absolutely HATE this reviewer? Anyone?

  3. seriously it is a really bad game, the challenge is cheap and the hard mode is actually unfair rather than hard since sometimes you even lose because your teammates leave the battlefield.. why? -.-

  4. the you should be a fan to review the game argument is invalid. the fact that he is or isn't a fan doesn't change the fact that the game was made poorly. even if he was a super fan of one piece, doesnt suddenly make it a good game. so yeah you get the story better, but all the other complaints still stand. its a poorly made game fan or not 

  5. The reviewer messed up by saying that dynasty warriors is tired. If it is so tired why is it that dynasty warriors have so many sequels. Don't be an ass and try to stop people are interested in the game from playing it.

  6. So one piece pirate warriors 2 gets a 6.5 from ign and gamesopt gives this Shit 4.0 bullshit! Come on in all fairness this wasn't that bad at least a 6.0 (I mean come on who doesn't like rapidly smashing buttons for the win and using special attacks to knock out like 100 enemies sure it's repeative but it's not a terrible game)

  7. I am being completely honest with you guys because I'd really like an honest response…

    When I've watched reviews before that gave low scores, the reviewer would be critical but unbiased. DSP aside of course. However, the absolute negativity and bile that I got from this review… I've never seen anything like it… ever. Not from a professional site at least…

    It is clear even to me, someone who has never played an OP game and never read an OP manga, that the reviewer clearly doesn't take an interest in OP… 

    I came here because I want to get involved, and this is review simply pathetic.. even from an outsiders view SO… what would you guys say about the game?

    I just want to know if this is a good introduction to OP in STORY… the gameplay I can deal with, its a VIDEO GAME… whats the STORY like? I'm to understand it covers most major story elements?

  8. Honestly,Just F**k off GS,Its best if u stop reviewing games based on Anime and those based for a japanese audience,i saw ur DmC5 review,8 are u kidding me???! a game with a broken combo system,shit voice acting and bad character art and complete disregard for a character's backstory and personality (eg: Vergil killing Pregnant mothers _),that game dont even deserve a 0.8.This game was made by Tecmo Koei it was obviously a Musou game i.e Dynasty warriors style gameplay.While the Addition of Bandai Namco ensured badass Quick Time Events, a staple of the Naruto Storm Series.The game was true to its title and to its fans.This game at least deserves a 7.5 

  9. Got this game for $5 during the Anime Sale on PS Store. I haven't given the anime and manga of One Piece a try and this game did a well enough job of explaining the story to me. This game did not disappoint

  10. Why so many dislikes? I'm a huge One Piece fan and liked the game but her critiques are on point :/
    To everyone not into One Piece; all these whiny ass commenters don't represent the One Piece fanbase. This game isn't a great introduction to the series, nor is it an amazing game. Watch the anime instead 🙂

  11. Just finished the game, totally agree with the review. I'm a OP fan myself. And of course I know all the storyline and every details and characters from every arc. 

    The game still has many epic and memorable moments (Zoro vs Mihawk, saying goodbye to Going Merry, Ace's last moment,…) which brings back memories, but the storytelling is terrible so I ended up not feeling a single same experience I had when reading the manga. It only shows the summary of the arc at the beginning of each chapter, then you jump right into the fight of the game. There's also a huge lack of characters and details which are important to transfer the story.

    The gameplay is not that great. Sure the combo is awesome, the game has all their moves, the animation is great, and that's that. I got excited at first but then got bored real fast, 'cause it's so repetitive. Another log mode letting you play other characters is not something to be really excited to, because you just use them to play as Luffy's main story.

    Though I'm a fan for a long time, this is the game I never want to play again

  12. As someone who has played both games in the current franchise I can tell you that GameSpot has once again showed the worst side of itself. I can say this without holding back: THIS IS THE WORST REVIEW EVER!

    1. Yes the hordes of the "simple" NPC's are not that strong (note that on Hard difficulty NPC's really do become a BIG challenge later on in the game, believe me!). This is the whole IDEA of a Musou. These hordes are there mainly to practice your combinations and become completely familiar with the character! Games like these usually have a lot of combinations which ask a decent amount of practice from you, with these hordes you can practice and memorize them. Clearly GameSpot never played something like Dynasty Warriors?

    2. The Storytelling is boring? Seriously GameSpot? When Ace died and when Jinbei was giving the most manly speech ever (and also other moments) I f*ing cried as much when I saw it and read it in the anime/manga. I'm not going even to discuss this, GameSpot stop the BS ok?

    3. "Press a button and watch Luffy do all the rest." No shit Sherlock ever heard of videogames? Ever heard of interactive cutscenes and so on? Seriously get ANOTHER job because you clearly can't review shit.

    4. It's repetitive? Getting back to point 1 again, IT'S A MUUUUSOOOOOUUUUUU. My god get your gaming knowledge straight. It's hack and slash with all sorts of combo's in different maps fighting different enemy hordes. Don't you get that the whole idea of the game is to do exactly that but with One Piece as main focus?

    I'm not even going to continue anymore, the farther I get writing this the angrier and more disappointed I become at this guy and GameSpot themselves. You sir have deserved my DISLIKE :D.

  13. I'm a huge One Piece fan. Currently, I've seen all the anime up to the Dressrosa Arc and I subscribe to Weekly Shonen Jump so I can read ahead. That being said, after watching this review, I'm not interested in this game.

    The reviewer said it reminds him of Dynasty Warriors, and that's what it reminds me of; I don't like Dynasty Warriors either. It also reminds me of a Bleach game that I played and hated.

    When I consider the things I like most about One Piece, it's the humor, creativity, camaraderie, and adventure. I don't particularly enjoy scenes where Luffy is blasting his way through hordes of unnamed villains.

    Let's look at the Punk Hazard Arc, for example. What I remember most fondly are the times when Luffy wanted to be a centaur, when the Strawhats took turns rearranging Kin'emon's face, when Law swapped the Strawhats' bodies (placing Sanji in Nami), and when Zoro scared the living shit out of Monet. There were actually many other moments that stood out to me in that arc, but none of them would translate to mindless button mashing game moments.

    If I were to make a video game based on One Piece, it would have to capture much more of the things I love. Let Rockstar make a One Piece game similar to GTA V and I'd play the hell out of it. Think about it: taking the Thousand Sunny on the water and navigating to various lands/islands, real-time switching between the Strawhat crew, non-devil fruit users can go underwater without depleting their life bar, open world exploration, your bounty and wanted level would rise making marines come after you, convincing people to join your crew, slingshotting around with Luffy, Sky-walking with Sanji, always getting lost with Zoro (I guess the map wouldn't work for him),…I think it would be brilliant.

  14. Question was this a download only game or was there a physical copy too? because I can't seem to find a physical copy of this game.

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