GameSpot Reviews – Dishonored

Chris Watters sneaks and stabs his way through this video review for Dishonored.

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  1. So its a stealth game? My style. You get to wear a badass mask? Pretty sick. Its $20 at gamestop? A must buy.

    I haven't played the game, but i hope its good or great.

  2. Why does Gamespot feel compelled to have spoilers in their reviews? IGN and GameTrailers don't do that. C'mon Gamespot!

  3. When I first played dishonored I hated it I judged it to quickly. so I decided to give it a second try and so far I am really enjoying it im glad I gave it a second try :).

  4. Glad I dropped by this channel. I was weary on whether I should get this game or not. Seeing a bite of the action I now have to try it out.

  5. Dishonored is a wonderful game, although a bit short in game play. I love the game. But……always a but eh?

    It reminds me of our current world, if you are pacifist liberal, granting rights to criminals and forgiving all deeds against you, you will go far. Your rewards will be great, you will find more money, find more runes and be granted the wonderful ending…….OR you can be like myself and accept harder game play and kill all the evil characters. Even Samuel the boatman is the one who drugs you when you are betrayed, so I killed him too. Lol!

    However even in high chaos I simply knock the high overseer out and then Brand him, a fitting end I thought.

    Just got Dishonored 2, let us see if it is also about world politics with rewards to the pacifist.

    Sorry I am not a pacifist………..Grin!


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