Far Cry 3 – Meet Citra & Dennis Trailer

Meet Citra, the warrior priestess and Dennis, the ultimate tour guide in this Far Cry 3 trailer.

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  1. -.-
    English, hardest to learn?
    That is untrue.
    Her English is not perfect. She could learn English from someone else on the island.

  2. It's not about the amount of words. Grammar is also very important.
    How hard it is to learn a language depends on your native language, how great the need is to learn and what resources you have avaliable. Who knows when she started learning English? She is not a real person however, so her ears might have invisible wings that fly her to a beach full of melons. How do you know English is not the official language of the Rook Islands? 🙂
    btw, i luv convursationz :3

  3. I don't want to join this argument, but I doubt english is the most complicated language to learn. The basic english language is easy to learn incredibly quickly.

  4. (People who have not beaten the game, do not read these comments)

    I've already beaten it but i think people like you are just sad. If this is what you consider "trolling" it's really immature and weak. To me it looks like you're just trying to look for an easy way to get a laugh. You're no skilled troll. You're just a bad troll who found an easy way to irritate people. As a usual troll myself, i look down upon you with pity.

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