Far Cry 3 – Hoyt the Tyrant Trailer

Meet Hoyt, the depraved mastermind behind the insanity and atrocities of the island.

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  1. Nah don't think so. Hoyt is your typical White South African High Level Criminal. Strong Accent,Racist, brutal. He kinda reminds me of the guys from District 9, you will know who I mean after watching the movie.

  2. This guy is awesome. A lot of people were annoyed Vaas wasn't the main bad guy, but Hoyt more than did his role as the mastermind of what was happening and is easily an above average bad guy in a video game.

  3. Even when far cry 4 had already came out and I finished the game I could say far cry 3 is still looking good and it's still my favourite game!

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