Far Cry 3 Exclusive – Exploring the Sandbox Gameplay Trailer

Explore the vast world of Far Cry 3 in this video with over 13 minutes of gameplay footage!

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  1. You see 100 square feet of this island, you have seen pretty much all of it. Far cry 2 was alot better at diversity. Still love this game though.

  2. i got this on pc , i didnt buy , got it from a website and i dont have the thing with the red part of the map at all !! i didnt install a few updates , is that why or …… something else ?

  3. Far Cry 4 better be better than fc2 and fc3. (lol)

    Far Cry 2 had AWESOME jungles,with super-realistic vegetation and lightning.But not a single animal inside.Just some Zebras in the steppe.

    Far Cry 3 has many different interesting animals,that you can hunt to craft stuff.But the jungle looked like a comic drawing.They got the colors wrong and there were much less different vegetation types.

    Combine that,and you got the perfect immersive jungle game.I hope FC4 wont be too snowy,because of that himalaya shit.And I hope that I can as many natives as I want,since its bullshit that my character magically dies after killing 3 natives in a row.

  4. I loved the idea of this game and almost everything about it though I stopped playing not too far in. I got sick of being killed by Tigers that take 50 rounds to die (very unrealistic). Being i'm a PC gamer (I own this on PS3) I really find analog shooting hard so got powned alot lol. Sad really as I was looking forward to it. I'll eventually get it on PC I suppose.

  5. Wow, such tactical stealth – 'spot and tag your enemies from 30 meters away in broad daylight! While they cant see you, so realistic!

  6. Wow 4 years later I thought I recognized Mark Thompsons voice and turns out it was him. He's working on battlefront 2 now.

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