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Assassin's Creed III Desmond Trailer

Want to learn more about Desmond’s role in Assassin’s Creed III? Watch this trailer from Ubisoft to get filled in on the details.

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  1. wait dude… im not the one who said people can miss brotherhood and revelations because they didnt help… that was another guy but thanks for answering anyway and thanks for telling me ima look to buy AC Brotherhood De vinci edition if i can still find it =] haha and yes i do want to see more of AC story

  2. Desmond is fucking stupid. It took him 5 games to start killing templars, his story is convoluted by first civilization scyfy crap. Just look at ACR he was in the middle of an island(which wasnt even real) playing portal why whining about how mean his Dad is. Also just look at the end of ac3. Ubisoft stay in history you suck at modern crap.

  3. Because one of the things this trailer tells us is how Desmond used his ancestors for training and information. If the trailer would tell us what he learned from Connor then that would spoil AC3.

  4. Maybe the freerunning skills of Connor, when climbing the building to jump off and get the power core, how was Desmond suppose to freerun through there?

  5. By training you mean freeloading off of ezio using the animous. You forgot Des spent 16 years traing in his youth. And i'm talking gamepay wise- Desmond took five games to put on his hood while his ansesters took about an hour or two of gameplay at worst. And their storylines were acturally pretty good

  6. Altair fights with mastery, Ezio fights with elegance and Connor fights with brute force, i don't understand why gamers keep complaining about ancestors and compare them, each one of them is unique in their own ways, it's like comparing the power of the sun and moon, sun might be more powerful, but life wouldn't be possible without the moon either, same goes here. Altair is my favorite ancestor, but i also like Ezio. He evolved from a playboy to an assassin and coped with his responsibilities.

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