Resident Evil 6 – No Hope Left Trailer

There’s no hope left when Resident Evil 6 launches on October 2, 2012.

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  1. I loved this Resident Evil game as I've loved the other ones. Resident Evil 5 was not survival horror and people loved that game. Resident Evil Revelations was survival horror and nobody mentions it. No matter what Capcom did people were going to hate. I loved the game but I wish it was more like the trailer suggests. A darker world with no hope left, no humanity.

  2. I liked re6 and its trailers but the hud camera and the enemies were just awful. I didnt like that there was a left and right hud and the enemies were unstoppable, the enemies almost never flinch in this game which is annoying. Other than that good game

  3. I like res evil co-op and zombies had guns in games since zombies revenge on Sega Saturn this game isn't that bad I've played much worst

  4. You guys should check out the composer. He’s on twitter as Soundfackery, and his YouTube is Stephen Kilpatrick (with the highest subscriber list).

  5. This trailer does an amazing job of capturing the tone and themes that were completely absent in the actual game which ended up being call of duty zombie head kicking.

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