Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Trailer – PAX Prime 2012

Solid Snake is back in this Japanese trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

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  1. God I can't believe we're approaching 4 years since this trailer was released and blew my mind. As conflicted as I feel over TPP's development and plot, I still have great memories over Ground Zeroes. Regardless of how short it was. It was awesome and was huge on my hype for MGSV.

  2. Does anyone have a link for the tech demo that showed this very cutscene, but set in the daytime? They were showing off the engine's capabilities with different times of day. It came out around the same time as this trailer. It's old, but I'd just like to see it again. Thank you.

  3. i swear when i first i watched this trailer back in 2012. i thought it was a CGI and when i saw him control big boss for 1 minute my Jaw Dropped… damn. when it comes to Graphics MGS is unique. hell Everything in MGS IS UNIQUE!

  4. Needed a offline game to play on my free time. Im a pc guy, completely, but this game.should be fun on my brothers ps4. Console keys are expensive 19,99€ for this, while for pc its like 7€. And sure as hell not gomna pay plus to pay online, ill just have fun on this ps4 until i buy new build (already got almost ass watercooling parts and have a core P3 snow white arriving later this week) l. Also, if you have a 1080p 60hz monitor, you wont get better on pc (only if you have higher refrrsh rate or higher resolution monitor), so, its one of the games that it actualy makes no differemt to play kn console vs pc. If i lioe this one ill buy the phantom pain next

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