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Check out the newest trailer for LEGO City Undercover.

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  1. Yep exclusive to Wii U Nintendo are publishing and have paid for the game to be produced over 3 years, So unlike Rayman Legends this game can't jump ship unless Nintendo give there permission for the game they paid for to be published multi-platform which they never will also the developers have stated that the game will loose something on other consoles as it's been designed from the ground up for Wii U. Same as the P* games being made for Wii U.

  2. Wii U exclusive Nintendo are publishing the game and have paid development costs (or at least part of them) There is a 3DS prequel coming out in April though

  3. Shame, well I'm planning on getting a 3ds anyway (too many good titles not to get one now) so I'll probably get that version if its any good.

  4. Yeah 3DS has turned into a killer system 🙂 Personally i bought one at launch but later sold mine but i finally have an excuse to buy another one so i'm prob gonna get the Fire Emblem XL when it comes out in the UK

  5. Yea that's a nice model, I'm desperate for the black xl that comes with monster hunter unfortunately I'm waiting on money that is owed to me so it will probably of gone by the time i can get it, fingers crossed they will release the black xl in another uk bundle or bundle-less

  6. Yeah the black one is pretty nice i have a mate who is thinking bout getting that one also… But i just think the FE logo is really stylish heck i've never played an FE game before but i just think it's stylish lol and Awakening looks like a great game.

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