GameSpot Reviews – Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC)

Death is just a set back in this video review for Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition.

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  1. 40$? 😀 haha it's now on steam for 4,99€ in bandai namco sale 75% off. sweeet. Good thing I waited, except I'm bit curious is the PC version any good. I do have ps3 controller though so I will use that. Just played Bloodborne through on ps4 🙂 I guess this is different with shield and not so swift movement?

  2. is there still people playing this? i.e people to summon an such? im playin dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin at the min, loving it, wish bloodbourne would come to pc

  3. so the exclusive pc bugs, fps drops, almost no graphical improvements for ps's that are more then 10 times as powerfull. not to mentioning the fact that this game even to this day are locked at 30 fps. Wich is a reason for many to not by the game at all. It should be mentioned that the pc port is pretty bad when it is, and after years of sales of the series on pc few of the problems have bin fixed

  4. I'm not normally interested in playing outdated games but after playing Dark Souls II and Bloodborne I'm forever hooked on this style of game play. I only got 10 more minutes before the game is installed on my PC. So excited!

  5. Are YOU FUCKING KIDDING me!? This game is shit. Just got it free with tomb rider, I have played demon souls on ps3 and it was rly good. But this port is just terrible, DON"T BUY IT it's just unplayable

  6. After watching a few reviews and hearing what friends have said over the years, I've decided that Dark Souls isn't for me. I need something that's not as brutal.

  7. Just bought this for my new PC….gonna test out the steam controller. I use key and mouse for everything and like it but I dont think I'll get by like that with DS.

  8. The reviewer is either really good at the game, or really bad. I can't decide. Using the drake sword all the way through is really stupid. It's essentially using a shit weapon on purpose. No scaling, and no way to buff with magic. That's just bad. On the other hand… he seems to have made it through the game using it.

  9. i sorry but the developers are too lazy to optimise this game for a keybord and mouse becous that is standard for a pc … it shoud not be sold for a pc. I consider this a scam buying the game only to realize that i need a joystick that i never played with in my life and never play with.

  10. controller…hehe lol……i love more pc keyboard thana a controller…..ive managed more with pc keyboard……not died so many times in battle….moustly only falling down and then died ……dear players, do not be afraid of to play it with pc key board…its even better

  11. In retrospect I would have been very frustrated if I had so much of the Artorias boss fight spoiled in the review. It's actually a very solid review, but showing this much of a late-game boss is questionable af.

  12. Hallo zusammen, ich hätte eine Frage an Leute, die die PtD Edition haben. Wie komme ich an den Inhalt des DLC's? Sind Codes zum Eingeben dabei oder ist alles auf der CD dabei? Frage, weil ich mir das Spiel gebraucht kaufen will und meistens bei gebrauchten Spielen die Codes nicht mehr gültig sind. Danke im Voraus.

  13. This moron said that playing DS with a mouse and keyboard isn't as good as it is with a controller. LOLOLOLOLOL ignorant fool!!

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