California Coast – GRID 2 Gameplay Demo

It’s a Mustang duel along the California coast in this pre-alpha gameplay demo of GRID 2.

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  1. Proof than not only murkins now not what geography is, but neither do they know what orthography is AKA ''spelling''
    Murica/Merkah/Murka is not even a word.
    Of course everyone except murkins would know that.So something that is not a word in any dictionary it has no proper spelling hence the different spelling everyone uses to make fun of murka.

  2. Normal users and casual gamers like me, have 1 monitor and i don't tend to buy more in the near future. Real gamers have Video Cards with 4+ GB video Ram and they can use 3 monitors. In the case of 3 monitors cockpit view is just as fine as the hood view, or the 3rd person view.

  3. I don't know why so many people are bashing on this game..its not that bad at all…yes it can use some improvements with the controls and i'd like to see cockpit view put back BUT that is why they make patches and updates so these are things that are fixable…it darn sure looks great and runs very well..its fun for me even despite the sensitive turning..

  4. dude , you should really be playing dirt3 ,then all of your GOD rules won't work .
    grid is not a real driving simulation , unlike gran turismo and dirt .
    your welcome

  5. wow , easy dude ! oh ! wait a sec , you can't be easy , those car are moving so faaaast since they don't use breaks ! come ooon you're gonna get left behiiind , dude .
    hahahaha .

  6. You should try using cockpit view. The field of view is great. You can even adjust field of view to a higher level in some games.

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