Assassin's Creed III Official Trailer #3

Another trailer for Assassin’s Creed III amidst the WiiU release announcement.

Watch all of the Assassin’s Creed III for WiiU trailers!
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  1. People complained, SO MUCH, about how serious Connor was. But honestly, we did needed a serious assassin. His intentions were powerful. He wanted justice. Yeah, Ezio was the best. He was the master. But the wise ass attitude was just getting stale. And sadly, they brought that kind of personality back for Arno and Jacob. And it's just getting too old. Connor is my probably my favorite.

  2. I mean, THINK ABOUT IT. He knew how to climb tree, jump from one to the other. And he faced off against bears. No other assassin had those set of skills. I feel like if Arno faced off with a bear, his fancy french ass would be running. Just face it. Connor is the real deal. Story could of been better though. But over all, he's the best. And his heart was in the right place.

  3. what……….
    what ………
    what……. …a game
    it is a stunning game
    I am a worlds biggest fan of Assassin creed collection no fans are bigger then me they are only a________ means (sitgaii)

  4. I wish Connor can have an ending to his story, when beating the game I thought what will be next ? will they make another game about Connor after Origins ? Will ubisoft finish what they started? Like if you think Connor earns another game

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