Aliens: Colonial Marines Suspense Trailer

Check out the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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  1. How long have you got? Dated graphics, buggy code, extremely generic level design, no dedicated multiplayer servers, dire AI and a game where you spend as much time fighting humans as aliens (down iron sights, naturally).

    It's easier to say what it got right.

  2. first fps wolfenstein 3d – 1991
    DooM – 1993
    DooM II – 1994
    Quake – 1996
    doom in 2004 it the 3º
    Half life 1999
    Quake II – 1997
    you had a lot to learn

  3. i found out some of my friends the one who change it got fire and he did payback that sucks i hope gearbox uptate soon as possible the update is getting better and better

  4. WHERE THE HELL CAN YOU GET THIS GAME??!! I did NOT spend over $100 on the Collectors edition just to be handed a piece of SHIT game that was so dissapointingly bad, I puked.

  5. Where can I get THIS game?
    I didn't spend $120 on the Collectors edition so I could be given a piece of shit game that is NOTHING like what is advertised on the box.
    The stupidest thing about this trailer, is taht at the very end, it says this game is for Wii U. This add is even sponcered by Nintendo.
    Look what fucking happened? No Wii U colonial marines

  6. Let's just accept this trailer for what it is: A cool animation in the Aliens Universe; & that's it.
    THIS game in this trailer: Only Gearbox knows where it is.

  7. Funny how the WiiU version was supposed to be the definitive version of the game and it was silently killed off.
    Yet here I am 3 years later reliving the original trailers

  8. I'll give the game this. Played survival mode. Getting set up was suspenseful. The wait gave me shivers. The action was quite thrilling. Being the last one in 9v1 online survival mode was terrifying.

  9. It kinda looks better than the new game 10 years later…
    Sad to say but the new aliens look and sound like cats and are dumber then the aliens from CM…

    Also, they cut out the versus mode. All i wanted was to play as a Xenomorph again :(…….

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