Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm Exclusive Trailer

A Gamescom 2012 trailer for Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm is liberated for public viewing.

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  1. Man, I was into Normandy before it was cool. You should check out the Russo-Japanese conflict in Mongolia, though- it's totally underground.

  2. People here are idiots … bugs and glitches has nothing to do with your fps … its still in beta guys that will mean that not everything will work great! and no bugs has nothing to do with your fps.

  3. They actually were like that at iwo jima the first wave didnt know what to make of it because there was little to no defence on the island, however the japanese commander was only waiting for the beach head to reach full capacity before he opened fire with his arty to ensure maximum casualties.

  4. Uh…I…your avatar is that proto-hippy tank commander from Kelly's Heroes played by Donald Sutherland! I FUCKING LOVE THAT MOVIE!

    How does it play, though? Does it have a real campaign like the newer, better Battlefield games or is it just a crappy botmatch like the older play-once-or-twice-and-forget Battlefield games?

  5. Okay, well, maybe not forgettable…I just hated how there was no campaign. Botmatches get old quickly.

    And yeah I do like CoD, but I've been with that series for ten years, and they aren't the most realistic (understatement) but they have always had good campaigns, and when they finally did use botmatches they were where they belonged, an optional replacement for multiplayer deathmatches instead of the only thing close to resembling singleplayer levels.

  6. sorry to interrupted here but it seems you know what you are talking about 🙂 so um do you know if a gt 640 is good? thanks!

  7. Redpentalpha nothing mean meant but dont just say some the Russian statistics of csualties mainly dealt with the extermination of gypsys by Stalin US soldiers in the Pacific had it harder depending on how you look I do agree though but the Pacific was a hell hole one minute you'd be in base checking your rifle next minute you hear yelling and bombs going off

  8. The Japanese are just saying random words that relate to the thing their doing, trust me, I'm Japanese

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