Papo & Yo Launch Trailer

Get a glimpse of this launch trailer for Papo & Yo with some cool live action scenes and gameplay.

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  1. This is partly for trolling and partly because it actually has some truth to it but it's ages like this that are why Sony will always be better than Microsoft. What does Microsoft have? Forza,PGR,Call Of Duty,Halo,gears of war,sunset overdrive (which I'll admit looks like fun even if the combat looks like a straight ripoff of infamous )and Kinect. Sony has this,uncharted,infamous,the last of us,god of war,flower,littlebigplanet,motor storm,resistance,kill zone,journey,puppeteer,twisted metal,ratchet and clank,jax,sly cooper,(that game with the picture book and the duck which I forgot it's' name),and SOCOM. that's more variety than Microsoft can even DREAM of. The only company that rivals that is nintendo with all it's series that if I listed I'd make this comment longer than it is. In the end,it's games like this which are why I'm brand loyal to playstation and sony. They have a beautiful library of exclusives and variety that can only be compared with Nintendo and PC.

  2. Many Years Later and I still always come back to this game… This game is such a beautiful story, I played it before watching the trailer so I didn't connect the monster being his father until the end which made it so much more touching… I wish more games would be like this. This game really helped me through a lot. Thank you to whoever made this game.

  3. Why go through all the effort for this trailer when they could have just had three solid minutes of the main character running around with a box on his head.

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