Mists of Pandaria: What's worth fighting for – Cinematic Trailer

Find out why the peaceful Pandarian race fights in this World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Cinematic trailer.

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  1. depends on the race you take but yeah they are Far from each other by walking it will take a LONG time by flight with maximum speed 310% it will take long but not LONG horde have better abilities loox and population especially if you're playing on europe play in StormScale(EU) it haslike 98% / 99% horde

  2. yes, there are racial differences, and there are awesome quests on both sides. some perfer the horde/alliance over the other (myself included). but, i would read some of the lore on as much of the races of WoW as possible before making your final decision.

  3. Estan hablando enserio?, los pandaren existen desde antes de la pelicula Kung-fu panda. Mas alla de eso, los pandas son un animal emblematico de china al igual que las artes marciales..por lo cual no es para nada dificil mezclar ambos conceptos.

  4. And here I Am.
    In a section of comments of eight years.
    Why If it wasn't a recomendation of Youtube?
    Because I saw this in a supermarket while a tv showed it.
    I wrote panda vs monstruo y humano.
    It was enough.

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