Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Single-Player Trailer

Here’s a cinematic single-player trailer for Medal of Honor: Warfighter, which was inspired by actual events.

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  1. The fact that both top comments have abysmal spelling errors and incoherent sentence structures just goes to show how low the IQ of MoH fans are.

    CoD and MoH both suck. Stop playing shitty games and go learn English.

  2. I would love an fps war shooter that focused on singleplayer and had an extremely long (20+) hours campaign.
    But still, this looks pretty awesome in consideration to some other MoH.

  3. oh crap another freakin battle field going up against probably an infinity ward call of duty everybody get ready for another pointless cod vs battlefield competition. cod rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What's disturbing is that they're the top comments though. I don't mind having no caps, shorthands, or typos but the first comment is completely incomprehensible. It's about as profound to me as "SHOOTER GOOD YES ME LIKE".

  5. i hate when people say its like cod but better graphics. It is nothing like cod cod feels weird everything from guns to sounds to maps feels weird and MOH is so real and different just the way u run hold the guns it is like being in a team of navy seals and being in those small fast paces or slow paced game play it feels like ur in a small squad but not arcade and cheap like cod THUMPS UP IF U LIKE WHAT I AM SAYING

  6. I'd rather have a company that cares for it's users rather and wait a long time then to have a company only care about money and releasing a shitty game each year. And yes I'm talking about you cod

  7. for some reason, i'm more excited for campaign than multiplayer. should i be? it seems that the multiplayer is pretty much the same as the other shooters in terms of presentation, unless im terribly mistaken. never played medal of honor

  8. yes you should i played moh 2010 single player and was reminded of what a great job they did of portraying actual war and emotion in the game by the end i was experiencing overwhelming feelings and what really made me love the campaign was the fact that it was based of real life events. But a major flaw was the size it was only about siz-7 hours in length and i played the game on hard. If you haven't played the old medal of honor i highly recommend that you check it out its fairly cheap.

  9. nah, what mean is that these scenes in the trailer would be have already been made like a normal movie, meaning it would play like a normal video. It would appear in the game but as cutscenes when they want to load another part of the game like in the last MoH game. BF3 was using quite little of the engines true potential (on xbox and PS3 at least) but the cutscenes were using slightly more of it but just like this trailer they are all pre rendered and played like a normal video

  10. for me the biggest disappointment was the level design. It was more linear than every other major shooter out there, granted they want people to experience what people out there feels but its nice to know that there is another way to complete the mission and most of the time I didn't feel like I was fighting a major force because the AI spent more time hiding than shooting. Which is a shame because the story, environments, graphics and multiplayer was excellent

  11. yea but i mean no unnecessary over exaggerate cinematic cut scenes. yea there cool an all that but i dont want the game to be full with them.. not trying to be a troll or anything

  12. They will have some of the same characters but moh 2010 was highly based on a real operation "operation anaconda". this new one, while very realistic is more fiction.


  14. It clearly says here that the limited edition will be released on the 23:rd could someone please tell me why it says that it comes out on the 25:th on my origin version and why I can't play yet?

  15. Even better, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, not even the first battlefield game, was realeased in 2006. A year or two before Call of Duty 4 even came out. I understand that with these war games, they can only do wars of the past for so long until is has to go modern, but for god sake they came in a fucking horde.

  16. they were wise to hide the hideous mutant wife and child in the cinematics i see.

    I think a little more cliched dialogue could have been crammed in though. no "lock and load"?

    christ you suck.

  17. This game is so sick. I wake up everyday excited to play this. Heavy Gunner and Spec ops are my favorite classes. I owns black ops2 and have not played it since

  18. I think they can bring this back, make a new MOH game based in today’s modern era, and release MOH and MOH warfighter remastered, and what studio should develop it? That’s easy…Respawn Entertainment

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