GameSpot Reviews – Darksiders II

Kevin VanOrd takes you through Death’s epic journey in Darksiders II.

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  1. I haven't played either Darksiders or Darksiders 2 but I am looking to broaden my video game library and I am drawn to this franchise. But I only want to try out one right now and then get the other. Which do you all think I should buy now?

  2. played for 5-6hrs.. dust never worked once and it feels like all i'm really doing is looking for balls to put in holes

    this game is a load of balls..

  3. bad review.
    the game is only ok! The fucking fps drops happen all the time.
    The game os enourmous and so repetitive.
    The previous one is so much better than this.
    I just finished on apocaliptic difficult and it's so easy and dumb.
    I hope that the remastered version for the new consoles fixes those fps drops and lags, cuz this is not the sequel i ever hoped for!

  4. I really love the Darksiders serier so much, my favorite games of all time.

    The Darksiders 2 DLC did have some bugs sadly, otherwise fantastic game if you liked Zelda on the N64!

  5. Anyone else gets motion sick while playing this game? It's bad to the
    point where after about an hour I really have to quit playing in orded
    to recover. Motion sickness rarely happens to me, but there is just
    something about this game that causes it.. Damn shame.

  6. i don't know why but i didn't enjoy this one as much as the first one. I finished first one a few times, but couldn't see the end of this no matter how many times i have tried.

  7. How does the addition of loot add role playing elements? Can you wear a wizard hat and learn fireball spells that otherwise aren't allowed?

  8. I don't know about that the puzzles are this game could be very frustrating I used a strategy guide it took me 6 months to beat this game currently I'm planning on PSN because it was free or first playthrough was on the Xbox 360

  9. Darksiders 2 on normal or lower and on xbox360 6/10 slightly above average
    Darksiders 2 on hard or higher and on a playstation 3, 4 (i don't think it is on xbox one but correct me if i'm wrong) or pc 9.5/10 superb
    that's my opinion though

  10. Aside from the rage-inducing freezing on the PS3 version, and the over-reliance on puzzle solving, I love this game

  11. Nowadays, I feel that my interest in games is waning, and feel that I am growing out of gaming. Then I play this, and realise its the games getting shitter, not me.

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